KLWBC2020 Videography Session

Date : 12 December 2020

AYC with the joint effort of National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students has collaborated to produce 10 reading skills videos to be published in YouTube as part of activities organized during the celebration of Kuala Lumpur World Book Capital 2020.

AYC President Special Message Addressing Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Asian Youth Council,

Since its inception late last year, the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been spread quickly and affected regions and countries across the globe. It has now become a pandemic and a threat to our global, regional and country public health, which requires attentive and timely responses. No one is excluded, so as our A YC affiliates. As COVID-19 goes viral, we are pressured to find way forwards and deeply concerned for what the future holds. However, this is not a reason to be panic, but a reason to organize ourselves better.

AYC reiterates our applause to the Chinese government, medical personnel and the people for their utmost effort and success in handling the outbreak and the spread of COVID-19 in China and further share of such best practices and experiences to other countries and the governments for our respective missions to combat the pandemic and handle the situation for our Nations and Peoples.

AYC believes that state leaders around the world, especially in our Asian region, have taken the situation in a very committed manner and embarked on serious endeavors, including travel restrictions, banning mass assembly and promoting public awareness regarding hygiene and sanitation such wearing masks and using sanitizers. this outbreak by acting on global solidarity, partaking and supporting all governments measures, conforming the WHO guidelines, practicing personal hygiene, sanitation and protection as well as offering help and care to the people and communities in need.

AYC hopes that the leadership of our affiliate members will find ways to help people in their respective country in following the government’s orders and measures to prevent the spread of this disease. Let’s fight this together. With everyone on board, we will pass through this difficult time.


HUN Many

President Asian Youth Council

(first published March 2020)

myfood@wilayah program

Last delivery of myfood@wilayah program today. Thank you very much the support from Ministry of Federal Territory, especially the Minister of Federal Territory, TS Annuar Musa. 10,000 families at PPRT in zone 2, received the benefits.